Items Those Under 30 May Never Have Used

Items Those Under 30 May Never Have Used

If you want examples of how time flies, you only need to look at items from just a few years ago that are now obsolete. In fact, there is a whole generation of people who are under 30 years old who likely have never used some of these products.

Corded Home Telephones

Few people even have a home telephone anymore, let alone one that has a curly cord between the phone and handset. Finding a person under-thirty who knows how to use a rotary phone would be even a greater challenge.

Answering Machines

Answering machines were connected to home phones and captured voice messages on cassettes or micro-cassettes, which the under thirty crowd is also likely never to have used.

VHS Players

VHS tapes were large video tape cassettes that you could record movies, television shows, or home videos on. They were replaced by DVDs, which were replaced by digital downloads.


If someone under 30 has a checkbook, it has likely never been used. Debit cards, yes. Checkbooks, no.

Fax Machines

There was a time when fax machines appeared to be almost magical. They pretty much magically disappeared by the time those under thirty got into the workforce.

Public Telephones

With the coming of the age of smartphones, public pay telephones have become increasingly rare. Phone booths are non-existent and most people under the age of 30 have never used one, let alone remember seeing one.

Postage Stamps

Most people under 30 wouldn’t know how much a postage stamp costs. They don’t have much occasion to mail items anymore.

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