The Things You Do to Protect Your Business

The Things You Do to Protect Your Business

If you are a small to medium business owner, you probably do it dozens of times per day. You likely do much of it without giving it a second thought. Every day you do multiple things and take many steps to protect your business. Some are small, and others are more significant, but each and every day you are aware, to some degree, of the risks your business faces.

Threats from Your Competitors

Most business owners know exactly who their competitors are and their weak and strong points. If they introduce a new product, make a significant hire or raise or lower prices, competitors usually catch wind rather quickly. This is one way business owners safe-guard their business.

You Protect Your Property, Equipment and Inventory

From front door and window locks to security cameras and alarms, you are likely aware of the threats to the items of value in your business. It is, in part, why businesses track inventory, to monitor losses. Every day in businesses across America, cash drawers are counted, security devices track expensive items and cameras monitor for shoplifting.

Keeping Your Property Safe

If your business has a bricks and mortar location, you are probably well aware of the threat of a liability lawsuit resulting from a customer injury. A falling item, an unmarked step, a wet floor or other hazards can lead to a slip and fall or other injury claim. It is why business owners are so concerned with keeping aisles clear and wet areas mopped up.

You may take steps every day to minimize the threat of fires, theft, employee injuries, online security breaches, unauthorized credit card uses and minimizing bad customer experiences.

But do you have a sufficient business insurance plan?

Small businesses, especially those just starting up, work on very tight budgets. For this reason, some choose to bypass business insurance. Research indicates as much as 45% of small businesses operate without business insurance.

There’s no reason to forego insurance. Business insurance can be surprisingly affordable and the benefits you get in stress relief and peace of mind can be well worth it. At the very least, you should find out.

Contact one of our independent business insurance specialists to discuss your business, your risks and to get a free quote. You are already taking steps every day to protect your business. Take one more by contacting us to get the business insurance your company deserves.

Be Confidently Insured.


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