When Was the Last Time You…?

When Was the Last Time You…?

Do you ever feel like time is speeding up and your best days may be behind you? Perhaps it is because there are some enjoyable things you used to do in your younger days that you no longer experience. Perhaps it is time to ask yourself when was the last time you…

Had a Creamsicle, Fudgesicle or Nutty Buddy?

Most of us have fond memories of ice cream from our youth. Maybe it was a visit to the local ice cream shop or a stop from the ice cream man in his truck. Perhaps it was just at home. Visit the ice cream section of your favorite grocery and see what old favorites they may have from your youth. A few dollars can buy a trip back in time. 

Rode a bike?

A lot of adults still ride bikes to commute, for recreation or for exercise. Many others haven’t been on two wheels in years. You know the old expression “You never forget how to ride a bike?” It is only partially true, but you will quickly get the hang of it again. It may spur you on to a new healthy activity in your adult life. 

Played pool?

Call a friend and ask them to go out and play a game or two of pool with you. You don’t need to be good to enjoy it. In fact, it may be more fun if you both are just bad.

Went swimming?

Whether it is a community pool or a hotel, getting into a pool and swimming or even just relaxing can be amazingly rejuvenating. Nobody really cares about how you look in a bathing suit and everyone else is just as self-conscious too!

Tried a food you’ve never eaten?

Ordering the same thing from your favorite restaurant again? How about exploring some new options? It may even just be an appetizer but trying new culinary experiences may lead to some new favorites!

Looked at old photos?

Tired of binging videos? Dig out some old photo albums or review your collection of photos in the cloud. It may bring back some great memories and create some laughter and smiles.

Had an insurance review?

Odds are it has been far too long. Reviewing your insurance may not be as tasty as having a Fudgesicle or as enjoyable as playing pool with an old friend, but it may it just save you some money. Contact one of our independent insurance agents for a free insurance review and quote. 

Be Confidently Insured.


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