Answers to Common Car Questions You May Be Too Embarrassed to Ask

Answers to Common Car Questions You May Be Too Embarrassed to Ask

Most of us go through areas of our lives unsure of some things we may be doing. We sometimes sing lyrics we are not sure of, guess at the amount of ingredients that go in a recipe or pretend to know things about our vehicles we may be unsure of.

Well, help has arrived. Here are some answers to car questions you may have been too embarrassed to ask.

What Do Tire Size Numbers Indicate?

The numbers and letters indicating your tire size has real meaning. For example, in a tire with a size of P225/70R16 the 225 indicates the tire’s width (sidewall to sidewall), in millimeters. The second number indicates the aspect ratio of the tire. In this example, the tires’ height is 70% of its width. The last number (16) is the tire radius. The larger each number, the wider and taller it is. It usually follows that larger tires equate to more expensive tires, everything else being equal.

Is “Topping Off” When Filling Your Tank a Good Idea?

No. You should not round up or top off when filling your vehicle’s gas tank. First, it can get liquid gas into a part of your car intended only for vapors, potentially causing damage. Also, overflowing gas and vapors generally will go back into the gas stations tank, so while you are “rounding up” you may not be getting the fuel you are paying for. When the pump stops on its own, stop filling.

What is Maximum PSI When it Comes to Tire Pressure?

PSI stands for Pounds Per Square Inch, a measure of air pressure. Keep in mind, if your car’s tires indicate a maximum psi of 32 that is the MAXIMUM. Filling your tires higher than the maximum is as bad as driving them with low tire pressure. Keep them inflated to as close to maximum psi as possible.

Does the Brand Make a Difference in Gas?

Yes and no. Some brands have additional additives that may offer better engine protection or performance. On the other hand, some gas stations “brands” sell the same gas from the same supplier.

Will Using Premium Gas Make My Car Run Better.

You should only use premium if recommended by your car manufacturer. Premium will neither improve performance nor fuel mileage. It could potentially help with knocking, but that is only covering up the problem, not solving it.

Isn’t Car Insurance the Same?

Not at all. Companies can offer different optional coverages, can specialize in insuring different types or ages of vehicles, provide different levels of service and various pricing. Some may offer discounts while some may not.

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