5 Ways to Protect Your Car

Have you had a day where all is well, you’re feeling cheerful, with a pep in your step? i.e. You’re excited about dinner plans with a friend, only for her to cancel due to weather conditions? Now you’re bummed.

What’s worse than when someone rains on your parade?

When Mother Nature hails on your car.

While the hail is pounding down, you’re inside flinching as you think about each chunk denting your car’s exterior. Don’t feel entirely helpless—there are preventative measures you can take to fight back against the hail.

  1. Find a garage to park in. The fee for the garage is much less expensive than the damage the hail may cause to your car. Be aware of nearby parking garages and head there when you know the hail is coming. This is probably your best bet.
  2. If there’s no garage nearby, park close to the building on the side opposite to which the wind is blowing.
  3. If possible, consider adding a carport onto your monthly rent to provide coverage against the hail.
  4. Purchase a car cover designed to protect against hail. Again, the price is low in comparison to hail damage costs.
  5. If all else fails, and the best you can do is get a makeshift cover, use thick, large blankets and your floor mats to provide as much coverage as you can.

 By: KayLynn

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