Triple-Dog-Dare: Odd Food Combinations

Triple-Dog-Dare: Odd Food Combinations

There are some food combinations that just seem to go together naturally. Grilled cheese and tomato soup is one example, with applesauce and pork chops being another. Others, however, can be real head-scratchers. Feeling up for a culinary challenge? Give these out-of-the-box food combinations a try.

Ketchup on Eggs

Imagine sitting at the kitchen table with some fried eggs and pouring a nice slathering of ketchup on top. It is a thing. If ketchup doesn’t have enough pop, try some hot sauce in its place.

Mayo on Hot Dogs

Purists will maintain that mustard is the only acceptable condiment for hot dogs. If they turn their noses up on kethchup, imagine how they feel about putting mayonnaise on a hot dog. There’s a whole group of people, however, who choose mayo as the topping of choice.

Peanut Butter on Celery

Alright, peanut butter makes a LOT of things better, including crackers, bread, jelly, and chocolate. But celery? Maybe it was just a way parents used to get kids to eat some fresh vegetables. A 3 inch stick of celery does make a convenient canoe for peanut butter.

Ice Cream and Potato Chips

There is something about the cold, sweet combination of vanilla ice cream and salty potato chips, or even french fries. The ice cream and fries combo can even be tried at some fast food restaurants.

Cheese on Apple Pie

Face it. Cheese makes many things taste better, but apple pie seems to be a bit of a reach. Don’t knock it until you try it, however. A little cheddar can make it a bit better.

Ham, Cream Cheese, and Sweet Pickles

It may sound odd, but when prepared and served properly, it is toothpick-party worthy. Softened cream cheese and sweet pickles rolled up in ham slices and then cut into mini rolls are surprisingly tasty!

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