What Do You Do With Your Spare Time?

What Do You Do With Your Spare Time?

Alright, we understand what you are thinking. WHAT spare time? Between streaming, watching Tik-Tok videos and social media, who has spare time? The point is, we all have spare time; it is just a matter of what we have, or we will decide to do with it. For some, it will be going down some wormhole of a topic on YouTube or Google. Others may be involved in video or online games. The question remains. What are you doing with your spare time? Here are some options to consider to expand your horizons.

Go Bowling

If you don’t get the irony of bowling and “spare” time, all the more reason to head to your local lanes. It may not be climate change, but it is kind of sad to think there will be a generation who never picks up a bowling ball.

Go to the Library

Yes, they still exist and probably offer more resources than you can imagine. Library cards are still free, and some libraries offer high-tech access to audio and video recording studios and more. Plus, you can still find some terrific books there.


You can call it checking out or shutting down, but taking 30 minutes or an hour in a quiet place by yourself with no agenda can be rejuvenating. Your brain needs draining once in a while, and meditation is an exceptional use of spare time.

Wash and Wax Your Car

Yes, there are people you can pay to do this. But washing your car gives you some exercise and keeps you connected with the small dings and dents you may not have previously noticed. If you’ve never waxed a car, you are in for a treat. Give yourself an hour or so and watch that baby sparkle. It should almost be illegal.

Save Yourself Some Money

Using spare time to save money is one of life’s great win-win situations, especially when it comes to auto insurance. You may be paying too much and not even know it. By reaching out to one of our independent car insurance agents, they can help you determine if you are getting the coverage you deserve for the price you are paying. It only takes a few minutes and you could end up saving money for years. Give us a call to get started saving money today. It may even be better than bowling.

Be Confidently Insured.


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