Gone With the Windshield Wash: 9 Ways Gas Stations Pumped Up the Past

Gone With the Windshield Wash: 9 Ways Gas Stations Pumped Up the Past

Cruise back to a simpler time – the groovy 1960s – when gas stations were more than just a place to fill up your tank. Back then, they were social hubs, full-service oases for both your car and your sense of wanderlust. Fast forward to today’s self-serve pumps and convenience stores, and you might wonder – what ever happened to those gas station glory days?

Fill Up on Service (and Nostalgia): 9 Ways Gas Stations of the 1960s Were Different

  • Full-Service, Full Stop: Forget pumping your own gas! Friendly attendants in uniforms were there to greet you, wash your windshield, and even check your oil while filling your tank. Those were the days!
  • Dressed for Success: Gas station attendants weren’t just handy with a gas can – they were walking billboards for their oil company. Imagine crisp uniforms with name tags and logos – a far cry from today’s anonymous gas station garb.
  • Pennies a Gallon: Can you believe gas prices hovering in the teens for most of the 1960s? Fuel efficiency wasn’t a major concern back then, leaving drivers more concerned about cruising than calculating mileage.
  • Fill Up and Win!: Loyalty had its perks in the 60s. Gas stations offered all sorts of incentives for filling up, from free drinking glasses and ashtrays to contests and prizes. Who needs a loyalty card when you’ve got a free map, right?
  • Stamp Out Savings: Remember Top Value or S&H Green Stamps? These little adhesive rewards were collected with gas purchases, filling up booklets that could be redeemed for all sorts of goodies.
  • Free Air and Other Delights: Believe it or not, filling your tires with air back in the day was a complimentary service. Those were the wild and carefree days of gas stations!
  • The Ding-a-Ling of Service: The iconic gas station bell! Pulling up to the pump would trigger a friendly “ding-ding,” alerting an attendant to your arrival. A bygone era of personalized service.
  • Brand Loyalty Bonanza: While familiar names like Shell and Chevron still stand, the 60s saw a wider range of gas station brands. Senior drivers might recall Atlantic, Richfield, Sinclair, and more – a time when brand loyalty ran deep.
  • Cash Only at the Pump: Forget swiping your debit card. The 60s were a cash-only affair at the gas station. Attendants often sported impressive wads of cash and coin changers on their belts to keep transactions smooth.

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