Life’s Life Insurance Reminders

Life’s Life Insurance Reminders

Life has a way of nudging us in the right direction and of reminding us when to do it. It happens with life insurance. We know we should carry it, but even in America, nearly half of us (48%) don’t. Here are some of life’s reminders about life insurance.

The Birth of a Child

Many grandparents will gift a new grandchild a gift of a small whole life insurance policy that can build in value through the years. This can take a little burden from the parents while starting a little nest egg for the child’s future.


Marriages combine assets and incomes and can add responsibilities. Getting married is an excellent time to start a life insurance plan that can grow as your family and responsibilities grow. New spouses should check in with each other’s current coverage as a starting point.

The Purchase of a Home

A home is the largest purchase many people make and can be their largest asset. Life insurance can ensure any mortgage is covered upon death and that your family can remain in that home.

Starting a Business

Starting a business can be a game changer. It can involve complicated partnerships, significant investments of time and money, and, of course, risks. The death of a key partner can send a business into a spiral. Life insurance can help guard against that.

The Death of a Family Member or Friend

One of the more sobering reminders of the need for life insurance is the death of someone you may be close to. Seeing what the family goes through can be a stunning reminder. Life insurance may not take away the pain or the tears, but it can help relieve stress and the financial burden of a loss.

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