Five Driving Test Questions You May Not Know The Answer To

Five Driving Test Questions You May Not Know The Answer To

If you’ve been driving for any amount of time, you probably have a certain degree of confidence in your knowledge and abilities. You may even become a bit judgmental when other drivers don’t quite follow “the rules”. But how sure are you that you know them?

See how you do when it comes to these five questions that may appear on the driver’s license exams of some states.

Solid White Lines

Most know that a solid yellow line on their side of the road means that passing is prohibited. But what about solid white lines? When can you cross a solid white line?

  1. They are just for guidance.
  2. Only when you need to make a U-turn.
  3. If traffic conditions require you to.
  4. Only when making a right or left turn.

Non-Working Traffic Lights

You are driving in an area where storms have cut power to traffic lights. They are not working. How should a driver respond?

  1. Slow down and proceed cautiously
  2. Proceed as if the light were green
  3. Blow your horn and continue to move through the intersection
  4. Treat it as a four-way stop

Alcohol Consumption

Most of us know that drinking and driving is never a good idea. But just how long will it take the average person to dispose of 12 ounces of beer in their system?

  1. A Day
  2. 12 hours
  3. 4 hours
  4. 1 hour

Turn Signals When Exiting a Freeway

When should a driver turn on his turn signals indicating he will be taking an exit when driving on the freeway?

  1. Just as the exit ramp begins
  2. 100 yards prior to the exit ramp
  3. 100 feet prior to the exit ramp
  4. 50 feet before your exit

Sliding on a Slick Surface

You are driving in wet, icy or snow conditions and your vehicle begins to slide, what is you best step?

  1. Try to correct the slide by turning in the opposite direction
  2. Pressing your brakes firmly to stop as soon as possible
  3. Take your foot off the accelerator and turn in the direction of the skid
  4. Hold on tightly and prepare for a collision


The correct answer to the question about solid white lines is #3. Only when traffic conditions require you to.

When a traffic light is not working at all, the correct way to respond is #4. Treat it as a four way stop.

It takes about one hour for an average person to dispense of a small can (about 12 ounces of beer). The answer to the alcohol consumption questions is #4.

To give drivers enough notice that you will be slowing to exit a freeway you should turn on your signals 100 feet prior to the beginning of the ramp. The answer is #3.

It may seem counter-intuitive but the best way to correct a slide is #3, taking pressure off the accelerator and turning into the slide. Mild brake pressure may also help in slowing the vehicle.

Good driving habits can minimize accidents and improve your driving record. That can mean lower auto insurance premiums. Contact us to see if we can help!

Be Confidently Insured.


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