The Things Grandma Knew

The Things Grandma Knew

If you are still fortunate enough to have grandparents, take the time to appreciate them. They may not be familiar with the latest apps and they may not be able to keep up with you like in the past, but they’ve lived a life of experiences and challenges you may never fully appreciate.

Here are just some of the things grandma knew.

How to Use Her Hands

Whether it was knitting, crocheting, canning, sewing or gardening, grandma had some skills. If you were lucky enough, she shared those with you.

The Value of Patience

Grandmas know that good things take time and anything worth learning is worth learning well. They could read to you for hours and listen to your stories equally as long.

When You Needed a Hug

Grandma knew when you should “just rub some dirt on it” and when you needed a loving hug. She could have an edge to her that would turn to butter when you needed her.

She Knew How to Challenge You

Whether it was tying your own shoes or brushing your own teeth, grandma knew the importance of learning independence, one small step at a time. She knew when you were ready to spend a day, a night, a weekend or even a week away from your parents. She could stretch you without breaking you.

How to Appreciate the “Small” Things in Life

Grandma knew how to take in a rainbow or enjoy the sound of the surf. She could point out stars and constellations and help you get through a thunderstorm. She understood the power and gentleness of Mother Nature.

Perhaps most of all, grandmas knew and understood the value of life and its experience. She knows that there is a difference between taking risks and taking chances.

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