Why Your Neighbor May Be Paying More (Or Less) Than You Are for Home Insurance

Why Your Neighbor May Be Paying More (Or Less) Than You Are for Home Insurance

You and your neighbor may chat about what’s going on in the neighborhood, the latest streaming shows to binge on, or your favorite sports teams, but the odds aren’t good if you are discussing your home insurance.

In fact, it is almost hard to imagine.

“Hey Bob, how’s your homeowners’ insurance?”

“Good Steve. I guess. I don’t give it much thought.”

“Me neither.. In fact, I haven’t thought about it since we bought the place seven years ago.”

“Huh, you’re right. I don’t even know how much I am paying. It is all included in my mortgage payment along with the taxes and stuff.”

“Steve, do you think you’re covered for flooding?”

“Dunno, Bob. I guess we’ll worry about it if something happens.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Hey, have you seen that latest series on Netflix?”

So it goes. We purchase homeowners’ insurance and bundle payments to be paid automatically and never give it another thought. That is, until we might have a claim.

Isn’t it better to know what you have, how much you are paying, and whether your coverage is adequate? Of course it is.

Look, you and your neighbor may have trouble comparing rates. Your homes may be of different ages, different square feet, and may be constructed of differing materials. Your deductibles may be different and you may have a dog or pool that could impact rates. You and your neighbor may be paying far different premiums for your home insurance, but at least you should know how much you are paying and the limitations of your coverage.

If you are in the dark about your homeowners insurance, contact one of our independent insurance agents for a home insurance review and price quote. There is absolutely no obligation, and you can finally take control of your home insurance premiums. You may even be able to recommend that your neighbor do the same thing.

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