Upgrading Your Garage Floor

Upgrading Your Garage Floor

There is one area of many homes that frequently goes neglected when it comes to home improvements. They are often ignored, period. They are our garage floors, and they can be upgraded through a variety of processes, most of which can be DIY. Looking for your next home upgrade? It may just be your garage floor.

There are a surprising number of ways a garage floor can be upgraded, depending on the condition of the floor. It is always best to start with a clean, dry, oil-free surface that is without cracks or holes.


The easiest and least expensive way to coat your garage floor is with acrylic or latex masonry paint. These paints are made for concrete, and small cracks can be painted over. While this may not be your most attractive or longest lasting option, it is certainly an upgrade.


Many homeowners don’t realize that garage floors can be tiled with a variety of options. The key is a level, crack and hole free surface to start with. Vinyl composite flooring and even vinyl peel and stick tiles can be used to create patterns. Vinyl tile can be installed directly on the concrete or by installing a CBU or concrete board subsurface. Attractive ceramic tile can also be used to upgrade a garage floor, with underlayment being advised for uneven surfaces. Larger, interlocking floor tiles have become very popular as well, with some being cushioned for more comfort when standing.


Epoxy has become increasingly popular for garage floor surfaces. It is available in almost endless colors and designs, with many using paint chips to create a unique flooring surface. Epoxy is a multi-step, multi-day process.

Other garage flooring options include polyure, stone, and even rubber tiles or padding that can be taken with you when you move. Like any home improvement project you undertake, make sure to keep receipts, paperwork, and warranties. All of these improvements can add up to a more comfortable, more valuable home.

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